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GIS Day 2020 Entering the Homestretch

GIS Day 2020 Entering the Homestretch
The International #GISDay 2020 will be held on November 18. #TAITAGIS will host the event at TAITA TAVETA UNIVERSITY – VOI (TTU). The university has modern programmes in #Geoinformatics at BSc and MSc levels.
Having been nurtured to maturity over four decades, GIS is no longer just a sweet idea or an added advantage, but an essential element in the compound of hi-tech solutions you need for decision support and optimal utilisation of the post-#COVID19 #Digital #Economy. Platform services enhanced by cloud computing are extending the reach of #GIS to many sub-sectors of the economy including security, transport and logistics, finance and banking, MSMEs, health, education, water, energy, agriculture, among others.

Let’s face the facts of the moment! COVID-19 has been a disruptive, distractive, destructive and distancing disease. GIS technology has, however, proven the progressive power of shared visual intelligence in containing the pandemic globally. Though the axioms of understanding the pandemic lend their provenance to health sciences, managing the pervasive and borderless impunity of COVID-19 goes beyond the province of biological sciences to include geographical and socioeconomic domains. The health-geography interface is key in this respect, hence GIS as applied to #geomedicine and related #geomedical #informatics. The successful virtual


User Conference this year showcased the borderless democracy of the #Digital #Transformation, but not any less the productive cross-sector applications of GIS technology which have extended to non-traditional areas as the #Fourth #Industrial #Revolution blurs self-imposed but limiting disciplinary boundaries. Indeed, GIS makes us one as a global community with collective creative genius for a better world.

Citizens and policymakers need to interact with user-friendly visual #maps to collectively address similar health and economic emergencies from a point of transparency and knowledge. That is why this year’s GIS Day will be different, for the better. At Taita Taveta University, our carefully chosen theme will inspire and empower the GIS user community, on- and off-campus, to apply the new GIS tools to address today’s complex societal problems and deliver a better post-pandemic world.

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