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GIS Day 2019 Registered – Pushing the Boundaries of Resource Governance with Location-Based Intelligence

GIS Day 2019 Registered – Pushing the Boundaries of Resource Governance with Location-Based Intelligence

by Nashon Adero

The World GIS Day will be celebrated this year on 13th November 2019. This important international day has since 2015 been an integral part of the GIS culture of Taita Taveta University (TTU). This year’s GIS Day celebration draws much inspiration from the recent Esri User Conference held early July in the USA under the banner headline: GIS – The Intelligent Nervous System. Watching the keynotes and the historic milestones of GIS technology under the influence of Digital Transformation, from conservation intelligence to reclamation of areas with remains of land mines, I could tell that GIS has to be rediscovered, reimagined, and redefined. This was my attempt at GIS redefinition, which readers are at liberty to ponder and comment on:

GIS is an intelligent digital geospatial nervous system with adaptive means of delivering integrated solutions, mapped at scale to support transparent decisions within a democratised, inclusive and evolving engagement cycle.

This definition adds to the discourse on modifying conventional spatial terminologies to fit the changing times influenced by the era of digital transformation. The last attempt was to redefine a “map” as:

A map is a selective abstraction of reality on a chosen #surface to #scale over a given #time period using a standard mathematical reference model of the Earth which, for the Earth’s portion being represented, best preserves the key feature of interest (size/shape/direction/distance) (follow the link here)

TAITAGIS, the signature GIS project of Taita Taveta University, will coordinate a conference to showcase how Digital Transformation, an unstoppable wave of the new era, is enabling GIS to provide intelligent, transparent and inclusive solutions for locally impactful and sustainable development. The theme is TAITAGIS: Pushing the Boundaries of Resource Governance with Location-Based Intelligence. There will be examples from the Tsavo region and beyond. TTU alumni are cordially invited to join other participants to present their innovative GIS-based workplace achievements. Going by past turnouts, 400 participants are expected in 2019, with active participation from the national and county governments.

This TAITAGIS conference has been the first GIS Day to decorate the map of Africa this year. For more information about the other registered GIS Day events across the globe, follow this link.

Remember to:
Send your abstract by 30th September 2019 addressing the broad topic (350 words) to copied to

Get immersed in the GIS experience to appreciate the panoramic and the particular, the “grand and the granular, will and wonder, power and peace!”

Wake up, live out, sleep, dream GIS….extract actionable location-based intelligence as you tour across the limitless horizon of space-time possibilities.

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