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TAITAGIS: A Unique Value Proposition for GIS Education in East Africa

TAITAGIS: A Unique Value Proposition for GIS Education in East Africa

by Nashon Adero

In an era influenced by data-driven digital revolution including UAV-based data generation and mapping, Geoinformatics injects radically new perspectives into the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and resource management. Transparent and inclusive decision support, a critical requirement for empowering communities for effective public participation and public policy decisions, is among the key imperatives for present-day innovative research.

A deliberate departure from generalised GIS programmes in East Africa, TAITAGIS uniquely offers postgraduate students two specialisation pathways: GIS for Mining & Geology and GIS for Environmental Monitoring and Management. These specialities are strategically targeted at leveraging the niche area of mining and resource education.

TAITAGIS also features a structured approach which makes for a complete and robust pyramid addressing diverse marketplace needs in skills development. It offers a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Geoinformatics, Master of Science (MSc) in Geoinformatics, as well as Post-graduate Diploma and Certificate courses in Geoinformatics.

Real and ready study cases on the complex web of reciprocal causality involving mining, wildlife conservation across the Tsavo, agriculture, land use and land cover change, and resource planning and management come alive in this coastal mineral belt, where Taita Taveta University is located.


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